Tippler’s Tap Fortitude Valley is Bringing Spotty Dog to Brisbane for a Craft Beer Tap Feature

Tippler’s Tap Fortitude Valley are bringing Spotty Dog to Brisbane! Four incredible beers from down (down) under – that is to say, Tasmania.

The event takes place from Friday, Nov 26 to Sunday, Nov 28 and will feature four of Spotty Dog’s delicious craft beers on tap, the Simcoe IPA, The Valley XPA, Fog City Red IPA and German Gose.

Tippler’s Tap will be one of only a few Brisbane bars you’ll be able to get your hands on some Spotty Dog, so if you’re a craft beer connoisseur, don’t miss out.

Who Are Spotty Dog?

Spotty Dog are a small independent Gypsy brewery from Hobart, Tasmania who pump out a variety of American beer styles. This means they operate from different established Tassie breweries – but their own brewery is well and truly in the works.

A gypsy outfit from Hobart since 2015, it’s a passion project between two couples, Klimt and Domonie Donohoe and Michael and Marnie Rybak. It’s named after their love of Dalmatians. You may know of Klimt through his Step Brewers podcast.

Despite their beers being very American hop forward, it’s local Tasmanian ingredients that make them so unique.

What’s an “American-style” beer?

Solid question, especially since we tend to think of American beers as your lighter lagers. Not so, in Spotty Dog’s case.

American beer is incredibly diverse, but you can expect to see big hop flavour from their IPAs and XPAs. Usually there’ll be plenty of floral, fruit and citrus notes and a medium to high ABV.

Will you have other craft beers on tap?

You know it. If for some reason you’re not hankering after an IPA or XPA, our usual 14 taps will be going, including Ginger Beer, cider and Spritz on tap.

It’s been a hot minute since Spotty Dog made their way up to Queensland though so, you know, when in Rome.