Getting Wild (Ale): A Dual Tap Takeover Featuring Wildflower + Two Metres Tall

Two tap takeovers, one bar.

Tippler’s Tap South Bank are hosting a dual tap takeover featuring Wildflower and Two Metre Tall on Saturday, November 13. If you love Wild Ales, don’t miss this one.

Wildflower takes over for the daytime hours noon till 5pm, with Two Metre Tall starting at 5:10pm.

What’s the deal with Wild Ales?

Wild ales are fermented with wild (or natural) yeast and bacteria rather than brewer’s yeasts, meaning no hops or cereal adjuncts are used in the process. They’re characterised by their weird and funky flavours: think sour meets earthy. Wild ales go through a secondary fermentation where wild yeast is added to achieve their distinct funkiness which can be quite tart at times depending on how much Lacto (lactic acid) is produced.


Wildflower is a brewery based in New South Wales, fermenting wild ales with wild yeast and bacteria. They’ve got a funky house culture of brewers yeast mixed wild yeast and flavoursome native Australian ingredients to create unique beers that stand out among the crowd.

On tap November 13:

St Pheobe (Plum) 2020

St Abigail (White Peach) 2020

Foggy Morning 2021

Amber Blend 19 November 2018

Two Metre Tall

Tasmania’s Two Metre Tall are farmers, brewing farm ales & ciders using wild yeast and farm-grown ingredients. They source ingredients from their own property in Derwent Valley, as well as from other local farmers across the state. Their wild ales are made with wild yeasts to create unique flavours, balancing the tart characteristics of their house culture.

On tap November 13:

Huon Farmhouse Cider 2020

Derwent Spelt Ale 2021

Forth All Grain Ale 2021

Dark Apple Ale 2021