Your curated craft beer questions answered

How do I book a table?

Conveniently, you can now secure your booking via here.

Do I need a booking for trivia?

We do encourage this to avoid disappointment.

Do you have vegan and vegetarian options on the menu?

Yes, we have a great range of both vegan and vegetarian options which are very popular.

Do you have gluten free options?

We are friend to the food-allergy afflicted and also the Ketoers. With enough tasty gluten-free options on the menu to make anyone happy, you can enjoy yourself whilst keeping to your food restrictions.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, we are more than happy for you to bring along your pet, provided it’s a well-behaved and restrained animal that’s not a Tarantula on a leash. So, basically, bring your dog provided it’s friendly and acts appropriately in public spaces — we ask that you do too ;)

How do you ensure patron safety when using the PourMyBeer system?

The PourMyBeer system is certified under the National Measurement Act of 1960. This official recognition means that the system accurately measures and dispenses beer. Under our Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), we implement the following measures to ensure our customers' safety and well-being:

We check IDs when customers purchase their self-service cards in advance at the bar.
• Self-serve cards will only allow the system to dispense a predetermined amount of beer before staff reset it, allowing us to check for intoxication.
• Self-serve cards will lock overnight, so if you have funds and return another day, you will need to see a staff member to unlock your card first.
• While the beer is paid by the mL and you can decide when to stop filling your glass, Cocktail taps are limited to Taster and Glass sizes.
• Our friendly employees constantly monitor the self-service area and ensure RSA compliance while assisting and educating our patrons on Craft Beer.
• Patrons under 18 may be required to wear a coloured wristband for easy identification by staff monitoring the self-service area.

What if I don’t use all the funds on my self-service card?

Our self-service cards automatically lock overnight, so if you have leftover funds and come back to use them another day, you will need to see a staff member to unlock your card. View our self-service card T&Cs here.

What alcohol can I order through the PourMyBeer system?

Our PourMyBeer system features 18 craft beer and cider taps, plus 4 cocktail taps. From hoppy IPAs and crisp lagers to espresso martinis and zesty margaritas, we've got something for everyone at Tippler's Tap!

Does the self-pour limit differ between beers and cocktails?

Yes. Beer is priced per mL, granting you the freedom to choose when to stop filling your glass. However, our Cocktail taps have tighter restrictions, as you are limited to Taster and Glass sizes.